To See Without Being Seen


What Make Us Different

Low Transmission Power

INDERA is developed using FMCW technology, making it possible to use a small transmit power but has a higher distance resolution, so that it can perform object recognition very well

Low Probability of Intercept

INDERA has a signal that is difficult to detect by Electronic Support Measures (ESM), so it can be protected from jammer attacks or Anti Radiation Missile (ARM)

Easy to Maintain

INDERA247 uses solid state technology, so it has a simpler hardware architecture and a much longer component life. In addition, the support of qualified local resources enables more responsive support



We have many variants of radar was developed


A portable weather radar

A non-polarimetric weather radar that works at X-band frequencies. With portable design,  lightweight, compact and shock resistant, INDERA WX-1 is safe to operate in extreme environment that close to the blankspot area. Using slotted waveguide antenna that produces a pencil beam,  INDERA WX-1 detects the volume of water droplets that form clouds. This radar reaches 60 km range and able to detect clouds at elevations of -5º to 45º (programmable). Labs247 has been working together with BMKG (Indonesia Meteorological and Geophysical Agency) to develop this radar since 2015.


4th generation surveillance radar

The 4th generation of INDERA MX Series for surveillance radar. The sturdy design makes this radar can operate even in extreme weather. Reaches 30 km range and very suitable as a navigation and surveillance radar. INDERA MX-4 has Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) capability, solid state technology and is equipped with an anti-jamming system. Ministry of Transportation is currently using it at the Merak VTS tower to monitor ship traffic around the port of Merak, Banten.


Compact coastal radar

A coastal radar that can be operated in various areas because it has a compact and lightweight design. This radar is capable to reach up to 72 NM and has a slotted waveguide with a pencil beam antenna making it possible to detect small-sized targets. Using FMCW technology, this radar has a low transmit power and low power consumption. This radar has Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) capability, solid stated technology and is equipped with an anti-jamming system.


Underground surveillance radar

GPR RCS is equipped with signal processing software developed by Labs247. Some components and antennas are also developed by Labs247. The simple and lightweight design makes this radar easy to move. Some applications of this radar are detection and determination of the location of an object (such as buried pipes and cables), road body inspection, concrete / foundation inspection (such as dam walls, foundations, etc.), geological investigations, inspection of soil structures, underground pipe construction, exploration of groundwater and mineral resources close to the ground surface.


Over the horizon radar

Labs247 collaborates with two leading universities in Indonesia, University of Indonesia (UI) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM), to develop INDERA OTH-1. Configured with 2 transmitting antennas and 2 receiving antennas, making it easier for mobility and installation. This radar is based on HFSWR (High Frequency Surface Wave Radar), which utilizes sea level to support object detection. INDERA OTH-1 is used to conduct ocean profiling for oceanographic needs, so that it can support national defense and disaster mitigation in Indonesia's marine areas.


S-band marine surveillance radar

S-band surveillance radar developed by Labs247 for maritime needs. The S-Band gives this radar target detection resistance against weather disturbances. The specifications is adjusted to the needs of the Indonesian Navy, who is responsible for guarding the country with the longest coastline in the world. INDERA MS-1 works with FMCW technology with relatively low transmit power and reaches 20 NM. Some non-chip RF components and antennas are developed by Labs247. This radar is integrated with the MATA software as a display. Its sturdy design makes INDERA MS-1 able to survive in extreme situations.

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